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Behcet’s Disease – Home Page August 26, 2016

Behcet’s Disease is a chronic rheumatic illness, initiated through the bodies immune system being over-reactive, and producing unpredictable episodes of inflammation which affect mostly the small blood vessels. Symptoms may occur wherever there is a blood supply. Most can be suppressed by the right and relevant treatment. To date the cause is still unknown. It is not known if the disease is hereditary, but this is suspected (some families do have the disease in different generations). It is not thought to be an infection.

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We are making an effort to present you with the entire spectrum of information on Behcet’s Disease. The emphasis of this site deals with providing support and information. In the meantime you can contact us at our e-mail

If you are not familiar with our organisation and your first contact with us is online please take the time to acquaint yourself with the site: are confident that this website will answer your needs and questions.

At the click of a mouse, visitors to this site are able to access hundreds of pages to find answers to their most frequently asked questions on subjects such as diagnosis, medications, caring for your eyesight, what symptoms to look for and the effect Behcet’s Disease can have on your life. You can pick up some handy hints for treating ulcers and find out the best way to manage this illness.

Designed as a ‘first port of call’ for anyone concerned about their Behcet’s Disease, the website is packed with information that is reassuring, accurate and easy to understand. We would particularly recommend the conference section and the information section.

It is hoped that the site will help to allay fears, dispel myths and raise awareness of the importance of having prompt treatment.

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How to get in contact with us October 25, 2016

We are an information provider and as such aim to bring to you the most up to date and comprehensive lists of information that we can. To enable to do this we have had to minimise the amount of time we spend on individual questions.


You may contact us via the Medical Panel Page section of this web site where you can ask questions in relation to Behcet’s Disease. You can find this page here;         The Medical Panel Page


To contact us with enquiries concerning the website please contact the webmaster; webmaster


You can also write to us here;

Behcets Organisation Worldwide

Head Office

PO Box 27



TA23 0YJ

United Kingdom

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Conferences & Surveys October 15, 2016

There are very few conferences that are specific to Behcet’s Disease. It is very difficult to get information on the conferences that have been held. Despite this we have managed to get the transcribes from some of those conferences. To read about each conference in more detail just click on the conference title. We recommend the patient and doctors conference reports.

Patients conference 2000.

On 19th -22nd May 2000 in Hayama, Japan, “The First International convention for patients with Silk-Road Disease (Behcet’s Disease)” was held.

Doctors conference 2000.

This conference takes place once or twice yearly, in order to keep all researchers of BD in Japan up to date on the latest findings. It is open for the public to attend as observers.

On 28th July 2000, the conference was held in Yokohama, at the Behcet’s Research Institute (Kamiohka college).

Three sessions dealt with new research while the last one addressed patients.

Korean conference.

Congratulatory addresses were delivered by a member of the National Assembly who works for a Korean Health & Welfare Committee, as well as by BOW (in a letter read by Mr. Pill-Soo Kim, KBSA’s international liaison).

All Japan Conference.

This year (2000) the meeting took place on 23rd July in Shinjuku, Tokyo. Over 70 patients from all over the country attended, which made it the highest attendance yet.


The Japanese Tomonokai (friendly association) has branches in different parts of the country. Kanagawa prefecture is adjacent to Tokyo, on its south-west end. It’s capital city is Yokohama, and this meeting was held there.

St Marianna University School of Medicine.

St. Marianna University School of Medicine is located on top of a hill in Kawasaki, Japan. It is one of three centres specialising in treating Behcet’s Disease in the capital region. BD patients are treated here in both in-patient facilities by some of the most prominent doctors in the field.

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Support October 8, 2016

We have included four sections, these are Doctors, Stories, The Meeting Place the The Medical Panel. Each page is designed to provide support by way of either answering specific questions or giving you the opportunity to contact others with this disease or to learn how fellow sufferers have coped.

Click on the links on the left hand side to see what each section has to offer. When your finished there you can always go to the information page for more in depth information on Behcets Disease.

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Newsletters October 5, 2016

We have been consistently producing a quality newsletter for close on two years. We try to produce one newsletter every two months, which brings you news of various events and articles of concern and interest to Behcet’s Disease patients and their caregivers, relatives and physicians.

Example of the newsletter

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Information September 4, 2016

Good health and well being are precious. With Bechet’s Disease, we can be condemned to the world of relative isolation and anxiety. To help people understand these problems and encourage them to take the best possible care of their Bechet’s Disease we provide this section full of helpful information.

Bechet’s Disease is a chronic rheumatic illness, initiated through the body’s immune system being over reactive, and producing unpredictable episodes of inflammation which affects only the small blood vessels. Symptoms may occur wherever there is a blood supply. Most can be suppressed by the right and relevant information. To date the cause is still unknown. It is not known if the disease is hereditary, but this is suspected (some families do have the disease in different generations). It is not thought to be an infection.

What is the Prognosis for a Person with Bechet’s Disease?

Most people with Bechet’s Disease can lead normal lives and control their symptoms with proper medicine, rest and exercise. Doctors can use many medicines to relieve pain, treat symptoms, and prevent complications. When treatment is effective, flares usually become less frequent after 1 or 2 years. Many patients eventually enter a period of remission. In some people however, treatment does not relieve symptoms and gradually more serious symptoms such as eye disease may occur. Serious symptoms may appear months or years after the first signs of Bechet’s Disease.

To find out more about Bechet’s Disease we recommend that you take a look at other information sections. These are diagnosis and causes, Sulphur project, Symptoms & General, Treatments and medications. The links are on the left side of the menu.



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